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This painting of the founding moment of the Patrician Brothers in 1808 was created by
Daniel Yashadhana, an ex-student of Holy Cross College, Ryde, for the Patrician bicentennial.

In 2014 the Brigidine Sisters and the Patrician Brothers will be celebrating the life and legacy of their founder Bishop Daniel Delany on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his death on the 9th July, 1814.

This will be a somewhat low-key affair, at least in comparison to the bicentennial celebrations of 2007 and 2008, with events being limited and local.

As an attempt to celebrate the anniversary at an international level, the Brigidine Sisters and Patrician Brothers are running an international art competition. This will involve all schools and colleges with a Bishop Delany connection, that is, schools and colleges which were founded or administered at some time by either the Brigidine Sisters or the Patrician Brothers. Participation is by a letter of invitation.

The winning artwork is intended for a booklet on the life and legacy of Bishop Delany. It may also be used in a video on Bishop Delany. The pieces will be based on several of the main events in Bishop Delany’s life, and on certain aspects of his legacy and spirituality.

Further details, including the schedule for the competition, will be found in the “Expression of Interest” document - link below.

Enquiries can be made using the competition email address:

“Expression of Interest” flyer.

Proposed Timeline

30th September, 2012
Schools to notify Br Stephen of their interest to participate.

1st November, 2012
Application forms are sent out.

1st January, 2013
Application forms due in (or any time before)

28th February, 2013
Subjects and texts sent out to participating schools.

30th September, 2013
Artwork submitted

31st October, 2013
Notification of international winners